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I have bad luck with traffic tickets and wanted to avoid having my car insurance costs go up and thanks to these guys I was able to get the tickets and fines reduced, and even some eliminated. John, Cupar-of-Fife, 20 St. Andrew, St. Andrew's, 26 Dumferline, Dumferline, 27 St.

John, Falkland, 36 St.

Matter of Attorneys In Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a.

David, Edinburgh, Third Tuesday 37 St. John Operative, Forres, First Tuesday. LoD E. Thomas, Arbroath, Second Wednesday 41 St. Michael, Dumfries, 65 Stonehaven, Stonehaven, 66 St. Regulus, Cupar-of-Fife, 78 St. David, Dundee, First Wednesday 79 St. Duthus, Tain, 83 St. Andrew, Crail,. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1st and 3d Wednesdays 95 St. Ayle, Anstruther, 97 St. Magdalene, Lochmaben, First Monday St. Vigean, Arbroath, St. Andrew, Aberdeen, St. John, Fisherrow, Mt. Mary, Glasgow, Second Friday St. Bride, Douglas, St.

John, Johnshaven, St. Peter, Montrose, St. John, Glasgow, Second Tuesday St. Miirin,'Paisley, First Monday. James, Tarbolton,. Lawrence, Laurencekirk, Operative, Dumfries, St. John, Campbelton, First Wednesday St. Lawrence, Forres, St. Barchan, Kilbarchan, 1st Friday St. Stephen, Gatehouse of Fleet, 1st Friday St. John, Dumbarton, St. James, Doune, St. Brice, Kirkcaldy, St. James, Old Monkland, St. Patrick, Glasgow, 1st Thursday St. Adrian, Pittenween, Last Thursday St. John, Carluke, 4th Tuesday, St. George, Aberdeen, Every other Tuesday St.

John, Muthil, St. John Operative Rothes, Caledonia St. John R. Winnock, Garthland, St. Johnstone, St. Andrew, Glenbuck, Lockhart, St. James, Peterhead, St. John, Galashiels, Fraser, Strichen, St. Andrew, Lochlee, Last Friday St. Peter, Thurso, Airly, Kerriemuir, St. John, Woodhall, 1st Friday St. John Royal Arch, Saltcoats, St. John Operative, Rutherglen, St. Clair, do 2d Monday. Pegase, Berlin Pilgrim, Berlin Fredr. Loge von Niedersachsen, Hamburg. Wohlthatigkeit, Havelberg St. Isis, Lauban. MI Gr. Loge v. Mecklenburg Schwer. Recht, Coburg Libanon zu den drei.

Cdern Erlangen, Gr. Mutter Loge des Eklekt. Bundes, Frankfort a. Einigkeit, Frankfort a. Sokrates zur Standhaftigkeiti Frankfort a. Carl zum Aufgehenden Licht, Frankfort a. Astraa zur Grunend. La Parfaite Harmonie, iMuhlhausen i. Elsass Les Freres Reunis, Strassburg. Loge von Danemark,. Linkoping Sweden St. Napoleon, Marseilles, B. Luttich Les Philadelphes, Verviers Lodewijk, Nijmegen Gr. John's, Calcutta, 2d and 4th Frid's St.

H-elena, St. Helena, St. Town, P. Paul's, Mhow Bengal, India, No. First Wednesday Northern of China, Shanghae,. Christopher's St. George, St. Andrew Kilwinning, St. Andrew's, Jamaica St. La Restauracion, Mayaguez. Amie des Naura. Pedro do Sul. Those mentioned Corte are of the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is not the capital of the Province of Rio de Janeiro, but is together with the municipality in the same relation to the Empire, as the District of Columbia is to the United States. The capital of the Province of Rio de Janeiro is Nictheroy or Nitheroy, situated on the opposite side of the bay, a place of no business, whatever, containing about 5, inhabitants.

Paulo 37 Esperan a. Paulo 44 Fidelidade e Virtude, S. Salvador Bahia 46 Virtude, S. Salvador Bahia 47 Uniao Universal, S. Salvador Bahia. Paulo 82 Ypiranga, S. Fidelis Campos Cordialidade, S. John's, Rio de Janeiro, 2d Friday after f. British Constitutional, E. John's, E. Les Hospitaliers des Deux Mondes. LoD l.. Wales S. Australian of Friendship, Adelaide, S. Australia St. John, Sydney, N. Australia Perth Unity, Perth, W. Australia N. Zealand Pacific,Wellington, N. Wales, Friday near full m. Maitland, N. Australia, Tuesday before full m.

Augustine, Christchurch, N. Zealand Wed. Diemen's L. Wales Independent, Great West.

Business lawyers in Elizabeth, WV

District, Wales. Kilda, St. John, Beechworth, Victoria, Thursday on or n. Andrew, Sydney. Bealle, William L. Sylvan, , Tuskaloosa chap.

Fosters, Rising Virtue, 4. Blair, Robert, late Mayor, Clothing Merchant. Tuskaloosa chap. Planter andTeacher. Fosters; F. Sylvan, ; Rising Virtue, 4; P. T Brown, James, Carpenter. Rising Virtue, 4; Tuskaloosa chap. Purcell, John, Cabinet-maker. Roberts, John T. Fulton, D. Rising Virtue, 4. Burns, John, Boot and Shoemaker. Rising Virtue, 4; R. Doudle, James, Farmer. Coldwater, Joseph Shelton, W. John Burn, Tyler, E. Andrews, John M. Martin, S. Woodward, John T. Roberts, J. Blair, R. Tearce, M. Chanclor, Treas. Bacon, C. Cook, H. McGowan, Sec'ry, T. Favour, Edward Tarrant, 0. Bing, S.

How To Avoid a DUI / DWI - Attorney Explains

Beebe, John S. Hamner, John Purcell, J. Burton, T. Lewis, i. Hart, Theron Brown Wm. Fowler, Alfred H. Robertson, V. Vanhoose D. Avery, Wm. Pynes, Hon. James, Farmer. Caledonia, Jordan, John D. Howard, Isaac, Farmer. Smith, Benj. Watford, John W. Bowdon, John M.

Wakefield, F. Pfister, Amand P. Secretary; Montgomery, 71; Montgomery chap. Consistory, S. Hastings, E. Andrew Jackson, ; 1H. Montgomery coun. Stewart, Edward S. Andrew Jackson, ; Montgomery chap. Garside, WX. Andrew Jackson, Grant, William A. Smith, John F. Fraser, Richard. Owens, William H. Louisville, ; Albany chap. Bryan, Marshall, Farmer, Pea River. Brundidge, Stephens, Silas, Farmer, Brundidge. Newman, Robert E. Newton, Kennedy, Jesse, Merchant, Newton.

Balkcorn, Josiah, Farmer, Newton. Dew, Thomas S. Gamage, David Y. Johnson, Dr. John Y. Hilliard, ; Troy chap. Harrison, J. Selma Fraternal, Bennett, William A. Wiley, ; Farriorville chap. Fellowship, Butt; D. Dixon, McKinney, Thos. Bridgeville, Bayzer, E. Notasulga, Payne, John J. Pullen, William 0. Weaver, Rev. John C. Cole, G. Glenn, Abram, Planter, Carthage. Krout, J.

Fraternal, 27; St. John's chap. Kelly, J. Murrell, George M. Cherokee, Barber, Luke E. Priest of Grand Chap. Pike, Albert, Lawyer, Little Rock. Magnolia, 60; Union chap. Supreme coun. Lebanon, 97; Helena chap. Luke E. Barber, Corn. Thomas D. Merrick, Louis Gedge, Elbert H.

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Englis, Dep. John H. Newbern, Benj. Danley, Geo. W5atkins, 1st Lt. Samuel W. Williams, Andre T. Hutt, Roderick L. Dodge, 2d Lt. Granville McPherson, Jno. McAlmont, James A. Henry, Alexander Huey, Andrew T. Smith, Feibleman, E. Sec'y Lamartine, 90; Lamartine chap. Smith, Rev. Peyton R. Monticello chap. Creigh, J. California, 1; San Francisco chap. Parker, Samuel H. Strafford, 29, N.

Richards, James R. Sec'y Occidental, 22; R. San Francisco. Evans, M. Treas'r of Forest, 66; Forest chap. Scott, Washington, Miner. Forest, Reed, Thornton A. Miller, George, Baker. Patchin, Clint H. Forest, 66; Forest chap. Kirkpatrick, John, Miner. Sec'y Forest, 66; Sec'y Forest chap. Fleming, William, Expressman.

Winters, Theo. McNutt, G. Fitz James, James, Bookkeeper. Nevada, 13; Sacramento chap. Bope, John B. Forest, 66; King, Forest chap. Lander, James K. Los Angeles, 42, Los Angeles. Langton, Samuel W. Mountain Shade, Kline, Christian J. Langton, Alexander T. Ries, Christian, Quartz Miner, Downieville.

Thurman, Leach, B. Ionic, Green, Jonathan, Tailor, Shasta City. John's, 37; Shasta chap. Kitts, David B. North Star. Brown, Edward, Miner, Campo Seco. Campo Seco, Adler, Adolph, Merchant, Campo Seco. Eureka, M, Reed, Thomas M. Georgetown, 25; W. Acacia U. Andrews, Lorrin, Jr. Benedict, Rev. Amos N. Jerusalem chap.

Jerusalem coun. Dunham, J. St John's, 3; Jerusalem chap. Goodsell, E. John's, 3; Jerusalem chap. Higby, W. John's, 3; H. Hamilton encpt.

Sentinel Grand Lodge; G. Grand Encpt. Mills, D. Watrous, R. Webb, Charles, Cashier Farmers' Bank. John's, 3; Jerusalem; chap. Willson, J. M, prop. Willson House. Adams, J. Wooster, Bingham, E. Chase, Seth Lyman, Physician. Douglas, Reuben P. Foot, S. Felton, J. Essex, Salem, Mass. Grover, Henry J. Hammond, J. Hayward, N. Hopkins, Geo. Wooster, 10; Franklin chap. Pemberton, H. Henry, Engineer Hayward Rubber Company. Kenney, Albert, Proprietor Kenney House. Smith, D. Smith, W. Taintor, Ralph S. Wales, Chas. Rural, Quincy, Mass. Hale, Enos A.

Trinity, Phelps, Geo. Pratt, N. Read, Spencer, Mechanic, J. Nickerson, N. Rogers, John, Brush Manufactory. Snow, C. Trinity Starkey, Felix,i Manufacturer, and Lumber Dealer. Trinity, 43; Washington chap. Williams, T. Willmot, Hiram, Manufacturer of Hardware. Denison, E. Flint, Rowley, Mechanic. Trinity, 43; Washington chap, 6. Bogart, W. Beebe, H. Mount Olive, Bruddock, Wm. Hayden, T. Phelps, James, Attorney-at-law, State Senator, from the 19th district. Franklin chap.

Redfield, Ed. Mount Olive, 52; Franklin chap. Olive, Doric, , New-York. Smith, Noah A. West, Francis H. Babcock, D.

Directory of the state and county officials of North Carolina

Columbia, Gates, F. Parsons, O. Wilson, Steamboat Clerk. Sec'y Columbia, Spencer, R. Selden, Jas. Columbia, 26, Selden, Joseph E. Barnes, H. Adelphi, 63; H. Pulaski chap. Crawford coun. Gesner, Win. Adelphia, 63; P. Crawford council 19; New-Haven com. Maltby, Geo. Adelphi, Nettleton, W.

Preston, J. Adelphi, 63; Pulaski chap. Sanford, J. Warren, Ralph, Farmer. Adelphi, 63; P. New-Haven corn. Goodwin, Major Horace, Music store. John's, 4; P. Pythagoras chap. Woolcot council; P. Washington encpt. Grand Lodge; P. Grand Chap. Grand Coun. Hartmann, Leopold, Dry Goods and Millinery. Warren, Tripp Samuel, Constable of E. Hartford; Deputy U. Orient, 62; Pythagoras chap. Fitch, Henry H. John's, 4; Pythagoras chap. Goodsell, Willis J. Woolcot coun. Sperry, Stiles D. John's, 4; K. Fisher, Rev. Charles R.

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Paul's Church. Chaplain, Grand Lodge. Most, John H. John's, 4. Post, D. Secretary Wooster, Page, E. Buell, C G.. Gilbert, Ralph, Attorney-at-law, Judge of Probate, late pres. Judge of the County Court for Tolland county. Hanna, Wm. Manchester, Lathrop, Seth E. Brown, N. Arnold, Charles H. Sign and Carriage Painter.

Balch, Ira E. Cheeny, C. Ex-Sec'y Manchester, 73; Pythagoras chap. Buel, F. Calhoun, David S. Cowles, F. Cheeny, James W. Fox, James R. Fitzgerald, Patrick, Paper-maker. Manchester, 73; Pythagoras chap. Gilbert, Joseph C. Ex-Sec'y Manchester, Griswold, G. Haughtown, R. Manchester, 73; Treas. Hudson, Melancthon, Postmaster Manch.

Jacques, Calvin, Jr. McCormick, Jas. Pitkin, A. Perry, R. Rich, Geo. Rich, WVm. Risley, Win. Russell, W.. Sheriff, Hartford co. Spaulding, Franklin. Strong, Ethan E. Manch'r, Tucker, Richard, Cotton manuf. Treat, R. Weaver, E. North Manchester Hotel. Williams, Wm. Woodbridge, C. Otis Manuf.

Adams, C. Collard, Student, Class , Wesleyan University. John's, 2. Avery, John, Sash and Blind Maker. John's, 2; Treas. Washington chap. Bacon, Benj. Kingston, 53, Wisconsin. Baily, John S.

Directory of the state and county officials of North Carolina :: State Publications

John's, 2; M. Bidwell, J. Ex-Sec'y St. John's, 2; Scribe Wash. Arthur B. John's 2; Washington chap. Grand Lodge. Cromwell, Harvey D. Fagan, Patrick, U. Collector of Port. Fitch, Edward R. Meridian, 77; Keystone chap. Kilbourn, Jonathan, Ex-Alderman, W. Trinity Church. Sw'd B. McFarland, Wm. John's, 2; Washington chap.

Steele, H. Daskam, Woodward, Charles, M. John's, 2; P. Broadhurst, Chas. Eastern Star, Calhoun, George W. Uriel, 24; M. Cummings, Win. Chaffee, O. Gordon, Albert A. Levee, Nathan, farmer. Uriel, 24; Trinity chap. Eastern-Star, Almy, J.